Why Ledtex

Ledtex is the ideal partner to anyone looking for elegant,refined and tasteful products made with long-lasting, top quality materials at a competitive price and manufactured by a company who has always placed the following values at the heartof its mission : flexibility , excellent value for money , rapid delivery times, high quality materials and above all a company that quarantess 100% Made in Turkey products.

Use the advantages we can offer you in our cooperation ;

  • Excellence quality of narrow fabrics and webbings combined with 22 years of production experience.
  • 100% customer satisfaction and customer repeats over the world.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Upgraded machines and equipments for the production of superior quality of elastic tapes and webbings
  • Timely delivery for bulk orders
  • Customer Focused & Growth Oriented Management
  • A range of webbings and woven tapes availables from stock
  • A comprehensive collection of more than 2.500 articles , seasonally geared towards the fashion trends
  • Custom production taken from your own design or from our basic articles.

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