Shoes Elastic Tape

Ledtex is the leading manufacturer and exporter of highest quality of shoes qusset elastic tapes since 1992.

Only highest quality latex and polyesters are used in the production of our elastic tapes to ensure a consistent and reliable products with superior performance.

Production widthmin. 8mm - max 300mm
ColorsBlack white -brown ( in stock )
we have more then 300 color available
ComponentLatex and polyester
Elastictiy rate% 100 ( + / - %5 )
ledtex 1
ledtex boot elastic
ledtex boot gusset elastic
ledtex elastic 22
ledtex gusset elastic
ledtex sandal elastic
ledtex shoes elastic 2
ledtex shoes elastic 3
ledtex shoes elastic 4
ledtex shoes elastic 5
ledtex shoes elastic 8
ledtex shoes elastic 9
ledtex shoes elastic6
ledtex shoes elastic7

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