All kind of webbing

These materials, which are not used alone, are indispensable elements of the garment subsidiary. Narrow weaving machines; from underwear to home textiles to technical textiles. The narrow weaving sector is a subsidiary of the sectors in which it produces services in a sense.

When we look at the usage areas of the narrow textile industry, it is seen that such products are very common even though they are small in size.

When narrow textile materials are briefly viewed as historical development process, it is seen that they are used by people with their weaving technique. Examples of tapes that are initially woven are mostly belts, belts, cords, hangers, and the like. products. In parallel with the increasing of machinery and auxiliary equipment in the following historical and technological process, the development of the needs of the people, the narrow textile industry itself

It showed. Towards the mid-20th century, innovations in mechanical weaving machines and the development of narrow needle-making machines have further increased this dimension.

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