Polyester Tape


Polyester webbing tapes are available in various thickness, width and patterns according to customer raquest. The use of polyester has increased considerably in recent times. It is one of the raw materials in many different sectors, especially in clothing and yarn textiles. Polyester tapes can be used wherever you want and meet your needs for different industries. Polyester webbing is the perfect choice for applications requiring light durability and strength. Polyester webbing is affordable and comes in a variety of widths and types to meet your requirement.
WidthFrom 5mm untill 300mm
Thickness1mm - 5mm
ColorWhite -Black in stock ( more than 300 color shade available)
Special color options upon request

– Jacquard with logos , text and print

Main Applications
  • Automotive , aviation , safety harnesses
  • Lifting slings , safety , straps, collars, belts, conveyors , pullings straps , etc.
  • Clothing , confection textile , apparel
  • Mattress tapes , curtains ,bilinds
  • Military clothing ,tents , backpacks , body armours

Polyester tape options are among the key elements in our long-standing life, especially in areas requiring high occupational safety, such as electrical installations or construction. Polyester tape production also plays an important role in the textile industry. With different options; Depending on different options such as length, thickness or color polyester polyester tapes can be purchased by our company. Our company is producing a large number of bands, but we have done in order to be faster than mass production. Polyester binding tape is produced by our company, high quality and personalized production is among the products.

Where Can I Use These Products?

It is possible to use polyester tapes in any area that you may think of. Every day, many people call our company to order about these products. As we do wholesale, we also do retail sales for our customers. Polyester tape is used in areas such as electricity, especially in the textile industry. These products, which we can deliver to your address with different color options and different length options, are liked by many customers. Our company located in İkitelli OSB region is defined as reliable by many people.

Those who want to use polyester tape, but who are not sure about the quality of the product, can contact our company directly to come to our factory and see how we produce the products. We sell at affordable prices and we aim to please you. Our company, which does not compromise on the principles of reliable trade and makes production depending on the person, helps our customers in whole sales quite a lot. There are also many options for customers who want to make retail purchases. You can see our difference from other companies by contacting us, you can give your orders through our company.

Using Polyester Tape

Using  polyester binding tape is among the most preferred products of many people. Polyesters are preferred because of their high security and high quality of the main material. To get information about our products, color options and product dimensions, all you need to do is to contact us. For those who want to buy polyester pull tape, we also offer the possibility to buy a wide range of products that they can use in different areas. You can get the product you are looking for easily. While our prices are appropriate, we are more advantageous than our competitors in wholesale purchases.

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